Shop and Café

Both in our shop and in our café, you get more than just a coffee break. You get a taste experience. Every day of the week, all year round. Whether you´re munching on a perfect mini-princess, a fluffy buttery croissant, seven types of cookies or one of our magical sandwiches. We have heard rumours that we have “Sweden´s heaviest carrot cake”. We´re guessing it might be because we don´t skimp on our ridiculously smooth frosting, but it may also be that the yummy cake is made with the best ingredients and is big enough to share. If you want to bring some of the good feeling home with you, you just need to take the turn past our store. In addition to our bombastic breads, compact Kavring, crunchy crispbreads and adorable pastries, you will also find fine handcrafted products – everything from marmalade and lemonade to biscuits and sourdough starters. Of course, there are also one or the other book by Jan Hedh.

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