Our Story

An important ingredient in our recipe for success is our master baker and confectioner, Jan Hedh, who still stands behind some of our bread recipes. Today, however, the bakery is run by Malin Haak and Martin Morand. Even if you don´t meet them in person, you can always admire their innovative creativity in the glass showcases and at the same time experience the taste of our artisan tradition with the first bite.

Österlenvägen 86, 271 75 Glemmingebro

0411-52 20 20 info@olofviktors.se


Pastry and Baker Master

Jan Hedh is one of the foundation stones of Olof Viktors. His love for craftmanship can still be felt in every dough that is made. If you are one of those in Sweden who love bread and pastries, Jan Hedh hardly needs any further presentation. He has master's letters in both the pastry and bakery professions, has received numerous prizes and awards. In addition, he is the author of several books that can be found in many Swedish kitchens. Of course, you can also find many of these books in our fragrant store.

“Everything is made from scratch with good ingredients and created with knowledge and an artistic touch. Quality from start to finish.”


Pastry chef

Malin is the chef and dessert queen who, among other things, has worked at Aquavit in New York and won the title of Dessert Master in 2017. Her motivation in her role as part owner and chief confectioner is constantly spurred on by continuous development and improvement. Her innovative and creative side can be clearly seen in the baked glass cases. She is also a lover of first-class chocolate. Both when it comes to working with it and enjoying it.

“Chocolate in combination with salt, caramel and nuts, with influences from rosemary and lemons, well then you have something really great.”


Bakery manager

Martin´s journey into the gastronomic world began in his grandfather´s pastry shop in Vellinge, among colourful cakes and shiny pralines. His curiosity and drive for the experimental made him take the detour via fine dining in Stockholm at F12 Gruppen before finding his place on Scanian soil and Olof Viktors. Martin has also won the title of Dessert Master, he has been part of the national confectioner’s team and became the first Swede to win the European Championship title of the Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie 2018. Here at Olof Viktors, he sets the dough and holds the role of Bakery manager.

“It´s important for me to work with pure flavours and find taste combinations who complement each other.”